Buckle Down


If you're like most students, you will sometimes come across texts you don't fully understand. Some texts are simply more complex and require a closer read in order to get their full meaning. It's a little like putting together a puzzle if you stare at the jumbled pieces on the floor, it may seem overwhelming at first. But if you take it one piece at a time, you can get a clearer sense of the big picture, or the text as a whole.

In this unit, you'll review important skills that will enhance your understanding of texts. You'll learn ways to improve your vocabulary skills. You'll also learn how to identify a text's main idea or theme, and how authors use details and organization to convey information and create meaning. You'll practice making inferences and drawing conclusions -- skills that will enable you to read between the lines and enrich your comprehension.

This unit will also teach you how to identify and understand key elements of literature. Finally, Unit 1 will show you how to compare elements and ideas in different texts, including those you may read in your social studies and science classes.