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Reshaping Education  

Mr. Breves' English Class

This is a new website that I am still trying to work out the kinks in. Right now I have the unit plans up and running, these will always be updated! All homework and classwork will be on this page.


Co-teaching with Mr. Breves and Mrs. Gavin
While focusing on the goal of success for all students, our English class offers the collaborative efforts of two teachers. Mr. Breves and Mrs. Gavin present a comprehensive, multidimensional approach to teaching English which promotes skill development and high levels of achievement. Students benefit from a variety of teaching styles and learning styles that fosters cognitive, social, and emotional growth.

Philosophy of Education
Every teacher has a different philosophy of education, and I am no different. I feel that to educate the youth of America, a new design of teaching must be used. In the age of internet, movies, ipods, and other technological wonders, our young students have difficulty sitting through a lecture. Yet, if a teacher can harness those types of media, the student becomes an active participant in the classroom. I strive to make my classroom a safe, fun, rewarding place for every student.

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